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Spending a night on the snow, with nothing but a sheet of nylon separating myself from the outside elements. An idea that had been high on the agenda, since temporarily relocating to Victoria. With a keen eye on the weather forecasts, things finally lined in late July. Mount Baw Baw’s easily accessible snow fields were calling. This footage is from a well trodden 10.5km route. I’d usually consider that a short distance, however when hauling camera gear on cheap snow shoes, its a different story. The legs were a little shaky after this one! The plateau had a distinctly eerie impression to it. Sounds were instantly absorbed by the snow, and I found myself craving a break in the silence. Despite the trail head being fairly close (compared to previous adventures), I felt very alone that night. Weirdly, its this vulnerable feeling that I find most fulfilling. Like a big thumb on the reset button. Even if conditions made photography a challenge, life felt a little lighter on the walk out.

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